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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an influx of patients in all types of healthcare facilities. Whether patients are being treating for the virus at a hospital or being tested to see if they’re positive, Progressive Healthcare can make sure your healthcare facilities have the infrastructure to support that jump.

Frontline Workers – Thank you!

The toll your dedication takes from doctors, nurses, and other medical providers and staff is unimaginable. We’re grateful for your sacrifice.

Our Trained & Qualified Team Can Help

Our team is trained and qualified to work in critical situations and we have years of experience in the healthcare industry. A healthcare facilities’ environment is unique and adding COVID-19 in makes it even more chaotic and stringently regulated, but we’re prepared to safely handle your healthcare facilities’ technology needs.

Being in and out of healthcare facilities throughout the pandemic has given our team the chance to see first-hand the lives that are impacted by our work. We are compassionate and understanding towards the workers and patients and operate as a professional unit while on the job.

COVID-19 Management Requires Quality Infrastructure

Progressive Healthcare understands that the environments of hospitals and other healthcare facilities are constantly changing and in a state of flux. The Progressive Healthcare team is expertly trained to adapt to these changes deliver our services with little to no downtime. COVID-19 has brought the

healthcare industry an unprecedented number of patients and that flux in quantity requires quality infrastructure to support facility operations and patient treatment.

Progressive is positioned as an authority in healthcare infrastructure. As the demand grew, we grew with it. Our team did not skip a beat in being capable of ensuring our customers that we could deliver and support the criticality and quantity of projects brought on by COVID-19.

Progressive Healthcare Capabilities

Progressive Healthcare meets the communications and technology needs of healthcare organizations, whether it’s a clinic, hospital, acute care center, laboratory, or patient’s home. We provide project management, medical device installation, clinical training, managed network infrastructure support, and more.

  • Infrastructure Solutions

    Healthcare facilities require fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi to provide critical services to patients. Many healthcare organizations face two major challenges with the network infrastructure: signal strength and density.

    Progressive Healthcare can diagnose your network infrastructure problems and engineer solutions for your organization. By strategically designing intelligent networks specifically for healthcare organizations, we can help you make the best use of your bandwidth and improve service to patients.

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  • Third-Party Outsourcing & Certifications

    Frontline workers have been spread thin during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s providing RN’s for clinical training, IT teams for pulling cables, or medical professionals to install equipment, we have the workforce to match your specific needs. We understand that when you contract our team to provide IT medical equipment installation, we’re representing your company and serving customers that you value. This is a responsibility that we take seriously. Our team is caring and compassionate with excellent customer interaction skills in addition to their technical expertise.

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  • Wireless Solutions

    Progressive Healthcare has years of experience verifying wireless networks for the unique needs of healthcare facilities. Our team ensures your network securely stores confidential data, and we offer wireless solutions to maintain reliable and connected communications no matter the complexity of the project.

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