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American Health Centers, Inc. specializes in providing quality diagnostic medical imaging, such as MRI, CT, and Nuclear Medicine devices, for its multiple locations in New England. The organization strives to provide its state-of-the-art technologies and services to rural hospital facilities to best help their patients. AHCI was established in 1987 and acquired St. Anthony’s Enterprises, Inc. Mobile Diagnostic Operation in 1994.

AHCI decided to use cloud computing in order to allow employees to work more efficiently and have access to their applications and data no matter where they were. Achieving this type of access was crucial for AHCI’s increasingly mobile workforce.

By transitioning its core applications to the cloud using The Cloud Workspace™, AHCI was able to achieve cost savings and operational advantages the cloud had to offer over traditional IT. This transition was seamless and employees’ workflow was not interrupted.

Additionally, they were able to improve their security with the cloud because they could not match the monitoring or access controls provided. This security allowed the company to have confidence in the fact that their patient data was properly taken care of. They also wouldn’t have to spend much time or money on the monitoring, updating, and testing the systems.

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